So much on my mind

So let me start by saying Hi.  My name is Andrea.  I am starting on a new journey and needed to get some things off my mind, my chest, my head (just did a big chop to be named the hard reset going forth).  I need this outlet because you can’t always talk to people about your life, some don’t care, some are just glad it’s worse than theirs and others just simply don’t wanna hear nobody else’s damn problems.

I get it, so that leads me here.  Whether this goes any further I don’t know but TODAY this is necessary.

So this weekend (Labor Day) is the unofficial start to fall.  BOOOOOOOO on all things pumpkin (I am a summer lover) but I digress.  So I decided to go against the grain, against the would be norm and do some life changing mid stroke.  I cut all my hair off (hard reset) which is something I’ve wanted to do for at least 8 years or so.  The mind works in mysterious ways.  When I was my current weight (I’ll explain that in a second) I said to myself , “When I lose weight I am cutting my hair”.  I did lose weight 8 years ago, lost 50 pounds.  Didn’t cut the hair because then the argument was (with myself) well hell you kinda cute now lets just see what happens.  Here I am eight years later back where I was with the weight but difference is the confidence to actually be happy with myself.  My extra poundage (J. R. Johnson) and now my bald beautiful colored head.  I won’t lie it was unnerving but I was ok? My barber is the bomb and he takes my vision and his creativity and makes shit happen. Here is the harsh take away with doing a hard reset on your life, not everyone is going to like it and that’s okay too.  India Irie said it best, I am NOT my hair.  If you don’t like me bald you may not have liked me with hair either.  I am still fabulous and I am still the same person.  Difference is I am not letting society define me with it’s hair standards.  Hell I might have some funky disease to which I cut my hair.  Folks never ask why but will be quick to give an unsolicited opinion.  If I didn’t ask you if you like that means I don’t care if you do or not.

So along with the hard reset I also rejoined weight watchers because while I am still sexy as hell (as it is in the mind that one sees herself-cause I’m only talking bout ME) I could stand to drop a few pounds for health sake not just vanity sake (nor the box of clothes that I put in the attic just in case I decided to get my ass back in them).  Not to mention I didn’t and don’t choose to be fat and 50 so I have some work to do before July 31, 2018 (if the Lord say the same) to see this milestone. Not looking to meet the standard per the BMI scale as I’ve determined that don’t work for the way my body is set up so I’m just looking to get back to where I was.  In other words to be able to walk up some stairs or from the parking garage to my office without feeling like I need to swing by the ER.  That shit is scary.  Heart racing, not sure if I’m breathing with my mouth closed…it’s not pleasant either way.  So that’s all for this segment.  Certainly not finished but I may actually need to do a little work.  Be back soon.



3 thoughts on “So much on my mind

  1. BEAUTIFUL ! I’m happy to see this. Turns out this is the season for hard resets; Shiri quit her job at US Bank and has registered Spectrum Financial Services with the secretary of state. I’m so grateful to have so many self-loving women around me, caring about me as i do them. You are not your hair (this is your flyest cut yet i might add). “I put my lighter in the air for you; i see what you go through; you’re beautiful, beautiful”. (Mali Music). When i get back imma try to get you into the hot room. Bikram yoga gets a bad rap (ok, so he’s being sued for sexual harassment), but the practice activates every part of your body. On the reset journey, bikram will reveal – dare i say, expose – much if not all of the baggage hiding under the weight. It wakes up glands and chemicals and it can be very emotional. I cry in the studio all the time. Anyway, thank you for including me on this journey. Can’t wait to see what’s next


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