…what lies down inside

 There are demons we all deal with in our lives.  Some of them are small and quiet and can be silenced with food, wine, chocolate, cigarettes whatever your vice might be.  There are other demons that don’t even require that but can and will rear it’s ugly head just in time for all the other bullshit that seems to be falling down around you.  Well maybe not quite so dramatic but enough to let you know it’s there for a while.  These demons are sometimes the result of poor decisions not even made by our choice to which I’ll say you learn what to feed them lil bastards to keep them quiet.  The demons you didn’t birth but are now permanently your responsibility are the worse.  Those lil fuckers keep you awake at night by whispering to your inner being and make you rethink everything you ever thought you knew.

To make it worse it compounds with the uncertainty of life as it stands right now and then this.   There are things that can manage to be worse than other things in life.  Those of you reading this may know what I mean.  A storm is worse than a passing shower, no meal is worse than one you may not actually want to eat. You get my drift.  Having cancer is far worse than having a sprained ankle.  There you have extremes to make the point.

We all have those things that we try to bury deep down inside and pray that they never come back.  Sadly it doesn’t always work.  It does awaken and it’s usually again in the crux of some other bullshit that you don’t already want to deal with not this bitch.  Now I know that this may be a bit convoluted but it makes sense to me.

No matter the demon at the end of the day they live, they breathe and they have life.  You can’t kill them and they don’t ever die.  They live and no matter what the final outcome they will always lurk and and have life and lie deep inside.


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