and the winner is…ME

So my sister, the PHd, the business owner, the perpetual doing something that equates to doing too much for the rest of us issued a challenge.  She decided to extend it to my daughter and I.  I of course can’t always say no to a challenge depending on who extends it.  As she is my only sister and she is bossy as hell of course I said what the hell.  I don’t have a lot of vices, just enough to keep me honest so I said hmmmm, what could I do.  Well since I was late coming to the Facebook game, I have certainly come to enjoy the fruits of the labors of those that post. The serious and the sublime, the woke folks and the ones that are still sleep I guess.  The love everybody and the hate everybody sometimes in the same damn post.

I digress. So from October 30 through the end of the year, I am giving up the book.  Facebook, my groups that keep me laughing, thinking about things dirty and adult like. I’m only in two really and my cousin is the damn administrator of one but a member of the other so he be trying to stifle my greatness.  Ole buster brown.  Anywhoozle I thought about it and I am going to use this time to do real stuff.  Like this. Write on my blog, work on my poetry that has gone terribly by the way side since I met Mr. Facebook (my boo, my love, my source of daily shenanigans) and reading.  I mean I did have to read the posts they didn’t talk so yeah that counts as reading right?  Well, despite that I am going to read like real books.  Hard back novels to increase my brain cells and vocabulary.  Ughhh, I need to see one of my favorite, “That awkward moment when” or “that look on your face” posts.  Those always give me life, make me laugh, contemplate whether or not I should finish reading this now or go back to work.

So I am doing the right thing by taking a break from it.  Begrudgingly, I turn my back and walk slowly away from the one thing that kept me from doing multiple things on any given day.  So you probably are asking, why in the hell did this need to be several paragraphs talking about going off face book?  I’m glad you asked, although I don’t have a real great answer other than cause it’s my blog and I can say what I want.  Ha, no but for real because I think as we grow into responsible adults sometimes we need to put down those energy drainers.

Those things we enjoy but gain nothing from.  The little joys of life, like empty calories – you are still lacking something when you are done doing something although it didn’t amount to anything anyway.  You wasted time and work productivity doing nothing.  So in this hiatus I vow to be more productive in doing me.  Work is work and you always get done the things that need to be done when they need to be done so that kinda don’t count.  Being productive in being the best you is vital.  It allows you to better for those around you, those that need you and those that are you.  You are your greatest depositor of all things positive. You should be your biggest cheerleader in this game of life.  You and only you are responsible for your own happiness. So why not bet on you!  I did damnit, I’m gonna win.

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