Is it the most wonderful time of year?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s Christmas all day all the time.  Black Friday, small business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday….ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  Make it stop.  There have been Christmas things in certain stores since July.  WHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

What burns my biscuits about this particular holiday is the slow methodical way they force feed you Christmas trees, sales, and subliminal thoughts all before Labor Day.  Not to mention the peer pressure of buying the perfect gift for people you don’t even like,  why, it was on sale!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Now I must share that I have not been a fan of holidays since November 1, 1979. All Saints Day. So for years, even this one, I wished that we could simply by pass the months of November and December and go straight to January. I mean when your dad dies at the begging of the month most things after that kinda don’t matter. To boot, little asshole Herman Swift in my 6th grade class informed that that I was so mean that was why my father died. ASSHOLE!!!! Yeah, I might to revisit my therapist about that. It still pisses me off. I digress.

So holiday season, from right after Halloween is done, literally then it’s Christmas on steroids. The music, the lights, the decorations, the ugly sweaters, hot chocolate and fireplaces with fuzzy socks. Don’t sound so bad huh? Well, it’s not but well it’s a little lopsided. While there are those of us who like that kind of thing there are those of us that simply go through the motions of this holiday cheer, fa la la la la and ho ho ho. Outside of the religious aspect of it all (cause we won’t get into that) it would appear for some that folks are a little nicer, thoughtful and maybe just willing to be a little happier (in the spirit of it all), hence my question. Why can’t we keep the same holiday cheer all year round?

I believe it’s because people use this time of year to make amends for being jack asses and mean ass people all year. So they buy the gifts, and hold the doors and say Happy Holidays and let you in their wold for just a little while. Once the tree comes down and the last pine needle has been swept up, it’s back to being a jerk. Cutting people off in traffic, being rude, no longer singing carols of chestnuts roasting but threatening to cut off someone’s nuts. So you mean to tell me out of 12 month period we can only be kind to one another for 2 of them? Bah Humbug indeed.

So I have proactively been working to reverse the 2 month holiday cheer to all year round. I try to be a little nicer daily, in my job it’s necessary when dealing with people with cancer that may be on borrowed time anyway. In my relationships, friend, wife, daughter, niece, cousin because it’s the people around us that we sometimes treat the worse not on purpose but out of oh, you know I was joking. Or you know I didn’t mean it like that. Well, here’s what I know.

Christmas time can be all year, if it truly lives in your heart. How bout we try collectively to live each day as if we are in the holiday season. The one that brings us closer together for no other reason than just because we are being festive. We can be festive all the time right? Practicing a little patience, being a little kinder than necessary, maybe not the ugly sweaters and fuzzy socks in the summer but certainly other practices could be done year round. Smiling at strangers, holding doors, just being a damn decent person.

So do me a favor, once the tree is down, and the garland no longer is scattered about, we can still say hello to our neighbors and take the time to do nice things for others. It may not be Christmas all year but we can certainly stay in the spirit more than 2 months a year. I bet you can do it. Let’s give it a try.

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