Brief moments of clarity

Life is an adventure done right, it only needs to be once. We all have a past, skeleton collections and bad decisions. Yet, we move on, ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves. In the quiet moments of the day we reflect. If it hadn’t been for that, this wouldn’t be. If I hadn’t hurt her, then I wouldn’t have been able to see this. I was an ass so this is what happened because of that. There is a cause and effect for our actions. Not every denial is a defeat. Not every no is final, sometimes it’s just a long pause- a hold on just a moment there are 15 calls ahead of you. Impatient people hang up, sometimes however it’s worth the wait. The greatest moments in my life have come from hurt, heartbreak, despair and betrayal. I am today from those moments of clarity. The ability or growth to step back, assess the situation and hold! Hold on to those things worth fighting for. When the new day comes and you can look at the big picture you see it better. Clarity and perspective are worth the wait.

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