The most precious gift of LIFE


Listen to me folks. Do NOT TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and routines of your Monday through Friday life. Things come at you way to fast and you can get caught with your pants down and unprepared for what is about to come. Last year this time was rough. My husband contract a illness that attacked his blood. Folks he is still here today but knows how blessed he is to be alive here today. I too being with him the whole time during this 9 day stint in the hospital realize how things can escalate so fast. I learned a lot of new terms the most scary being rapid response…that means shit just got real. The swarm that invaded his room and the looks on their faces in no uncertain terms let me know that the seriousness of the current situation was not being taken lightly. Not even a little bit. Fast forward one year and we find ourselves back in the ER. Vasovagal syncope is now added to his list of health problems. Blood pressure can drop with current meds and drinking causes further drop and boom- down goes Frazier, or whatever his name might be.

So to deal with that and come through it made buying and wearing this shirt make sense for me. I am happy within myself first off. Happiness is an inside job folks. Hope that’s not news for any of you and if it is tap into that. Second, other sources of happiness are external and can and should cause great senses of joy and put a smile on your face. I love my husband despite the hell we have GONE THROUGH!!! For the gone though I can greatly appreciate the happiness of knowing that surely what doesn’t kill you (or if you don’t kill each other) will make you stronger. Through this strength you learn to love deeper and appreciate the moments of total bliss and those things that make you laugh. Love is what gives life meaning (Debbie Smith) and gives the wherewithal to endure those moments of uncertainty but allows you to go through it together.

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