Ohhh the thoughts I have, make me wet, I want you.  The first time I saw you and you spoke, yep I was intrigued but you were not on my touch list.  I can dream though and that I have, countless times…your lips, damnit them lips.  I can’t help but wiggle a little imaginging them like butterfly kisses all over me.  Damnit, I close my eyes and my heart begins to race because the visions I have are so damn hot.

I am compelled to pleasure myself while I hold the many sexy pictures of you in a mini slideshow to play on a continuous loop until completion of my task at hand (pun intended). I start slowly cupping my breast as you would, I can even suck my own nipple (dirty little secret) as I envision you kissing my neck slowly and then exploring the rest of me.  Your tongue is the tour guide and my curves are the map. 

You start the tour with the final destination of euphoria.  I imagine your scent as I inhale you deeply, deep inhalations to feel your body next to me.  Your hands as a navigation center that hug the map firmly with purpose and destination satisfaction.

The  more I imagine the deeper my fingers go into my sweet spot as I dream of you finding your way to the secret treasure that is now dripping to receive what you have for me.  As your guide finds its way to the prize I can’t contain myself any longer.  I shake with the satisfaction of release as I envision you deep inside of me taking me to new heights as you moan quietly in my ear, and I in yours that yes this all belongs to you.  

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