distance nor space

We are here together, finally. So, what happens next? There is inital shyness on my part, of course now it’s time to pay the piper. We are now in the atmosphere that we set via text messages and pictures. Now there is nothing much left to do, either put up or shut up…We stare intently into each others eyes, looking, reaching for the depths of each others souls. Researching for that one thing that makes this all ok. The confirmation that after today, things will still be status quo. Lines are being crossed, willingly however, never to return to the way it was – ready to take it on full force – no longer held by any distance nor space. We were never sure that this moment would actually transpire as we had the misfortunes of poor timing on our side, or was it more that we knew that if we had been logistically closer things would already be far different. The fragrances of endorpines and longing lust wafts gently through the air, the sought after passion is finally coming to a head, no longer separated by distance or space. I step away to freshen myself, essentially just gathering my thoughts and steadying my nerves, as I was birthday ready under this coat. No need for distratction as this moment had been orchestrated just so and time was of the essence. I join you on the bed, straddling you just so that we are face to face, chest to chest, and I inhale you. I smell your hair, your face, and progress downward, just to take in the fullness of your scent. I am wet, I return to your face. I take it in my hands and I lock your gaze, felling you grow against me, I want you but I resist, I will make it worth the wait. I kiss your lips, oh my gawd, they are as soft as I imagined. I kiss them again, softly and I allow myself to get lost in the kiss. It’s divine and I will never be the same. I am super wet now and I am not sure how much more I can stand, but I have to do just one more thing. I start the slow deliberate decent down this beautiful scultped work of art, with kisses and nibbles. As I near the money spot, the love muscle, help me baby Jesus. It’s even more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I look at it in awe…then I embrace it with my hands and take in in my mouth. I love it as if it were my life’s work to be here for this moment, this purpose…as you moan softly under my teasing. I suck you gently but with enough passion to make your toes curl. You grab my hips and flip me over, but I say no. I want to continue where I was you agree but only for a moment as you don’t wish to cum yet, but soon. I take you in again this time allowing you the opportunity to speak to what’s inside the polka dots, with the ease of Sunday morning your tongue reaches the spot that has been only imaging what this moment would bring. The guttural sounds that escaped my mouth was only a hint to the ecstasy yet to come forth. Then it begins, the whirlwind marathon of touching, sucking, feeling and losing each ourselves into each other, now becoming a part of each other in ways that can never be removed. As the climax was mounting and your hands firmly grasp my hips to make me yield myself to you…I know that no matter what happens from this moment on…we are never held by distance nor space.

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