Sir, Please leave her alone!

so look, it’s simple

If you don’t intend to be all that you said you were going to be

Leave her alone!

If you had ample time and all of the information yet you still had reservations.


Don’t hurt someone unnecessarily just

Leave her alone!!

Life is hard enough and full of ____________ fill it in for yourself. There is enough pain going on so let’s not cause more than what’s needed

If you ain’t ready (YES I SAID AIN’T) LEAVE HER ALONE

If you are scared of what could, should or would be. Leave her alone.

If it seems like it would cause a detriment you don’t want your name attached to

Leave her alone!

do it with style and class not being a jackass. That ain’t cool either

If being faithful or exclusive is a foreign concept for you

Leave her alone.

If she only wants and loves you and you alone but you want your cake and eat it to…

Leave her alone.

Let people be great in whatever manner that is but if your plan doesn’t involve making her greater or better, loving harder or vibrating her higher than for the love of God


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