Reflections of Christmas

As I sat in my house, listening to the quiet I thought back to last Christmas and how so very much had changed since then.

Not that long ago but yet at least 365 days ago my life was in a totally different place. I was in a space that was sad, dark and full of turmoil yet I knew that it was ending soon and the anxiety behind it all was overshelming.

2020 in and of itself has been a turmoltous year and varing aspects for everyone. However, if we do a personal inventory some of us will never be the same because of 2020. Loss of loved ones, incomes, things and people (so called friends.)

Relationships, being friends or lovers are hard enough without a pandemic. Some couple learned things about themselves and their spouces through this. Some of them made it and some didn’t it. I was ahead of the curve on this one and by grace, made some changes that would not follow me into 2020 and thankful for that.

Back to Christmas, which is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. I would say that a lot of people didn’t agree with that this year. If we think about what Christmas really means though, it was still in it’s own way for some wonderful and joyus. Those that dared still did what they wanted to do with whom they wanted to do it with. It ain’t our business. Others of us learned the art of Zoom calls and put that work in on Facetime, we made it work. Pictures were shared, texts and calls were given.

My personal reflection was part of a conversation with a dear friend.

I am a survivor of many things. I am a fighter but I hurt deeply. I can’t control what others do but I can control how I react. I have people that love me and for that I am greatly grateful. I am strong but sensitive and that’s ok. I am an over everything er (think, love, worry etc.) and that too is ok. I am beautiful and I’m funny. I am sexy fully clothed and I am uniquely and wonderfully made.

Why is that my Christmas reflection? Great question, thanks for asking. That is the best reflection of the greatest gifts I have given to myself. To be ok with not being ok, and it’s ok. To love myself in all my quirks, weirdness and in my skin as it is currently formed (weight loss and gain, can’t see without readers, still not as tall as I want but hey).

The best gift we can give are the ones we give to ourselves in allowing ourselves to be the best of ourselves unapologetically. No matter what that looks like for you. Ending or beginning friendships or other relationships, staying always true to ourselves in our feelings and in being true. Loving ourselves first by practing forgiveness to ourselves THEN extending to others (as applicable), saying how you feel, and not being afraid to speak your mind (it may start an argument or a very clear discussion, either way it needs to happen).

Lastly the gift of being thankful for each day as that is a gift from the most High and that is a gift not be taken for granted.

One thought on “Reflections of Christmas

  1. I so love you and your transparency. Merry belated Christmas my pretty friend! I hope that the reflections of 2020k gains, losses, loves, revelations and all of it, make you happier than you ever been when it’s all said and done!!!! Keep writing and sharing my dear!!


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