Sisterhood: Is it real when it’s not on Social Media??

Sister, my sister. My friend, my confidante, my ride or die, my keeper of secrets, my sharer of dreams. Why can’t we love each other or so it seems.

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You do know there is room for both of us to be great don’t you? We can both shine together my sister.

The hood of sisters goes beyond just those women we are born siblings to. I am talking about your tried and true circle of friends, that may include a birth sister however, not exclusive to that.

These are the women that have passed the ranks from acquaintance, associate, friend now Sisterhood. Everyone does not make the cut. For when the bar is raised from friend to Sister, you have to show that you are worthy of that title. A fish out of water will surely drown.

This sisterhood is plagued however by the same things that kill any relationship. Jealousy, lack of trust, selfishness and ulterior motives. Why is that though…why can’t we all just get along? We don’t want to, are we jealous, do we hate each other for real? No, not at all.

Then what the problem is? You tell me…why can’t we get along in real life? I mean we were all team pearls and chucks for the 1st VP that looks like us but why not any random Tuesday. Why are we so afraid to hold each other up and clap for each other. Unfortunately this is a rhetorcial question. There is no real answer.

I am not going to say that its always easy to support each other because we know that would be a whole lie. Some of us can be diffuclt I will not take that away, we can be and are sometimes bitter about life, and ourselves but does that mean we don’t deserve to shine? Not at all. It is my firm belief that we all can grow better together. There is room enough for us all to shine. We should all be willing to work together on this journey called life, while lifting each other up and straightening each other’s crowns.

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