It’s so clear now.

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Clarity comes at all times during our life. What’s important is to acknowledge the clarity and receive it.

Sometimes, it’s when you aren’t even looking for it, other times its those Ahh Haaa moments that make sense of certain behaviours that you may have. For me, it’s always at a moment when I need it but wasn’t looking for it but am glad that it showed up. I have worn glasses for roughly the latter or working portion of my life. Glasses have served 2 purposes as I have now come to realize. One of course to see where I am going or what I’m doing.

The second and most profound was to hide. Wow, That’s interesting right? Who wears glasses to hide? Well after much thought and counting all the pairs of glasses, both fashion frames, prescription glasses, now readers I would say, yes, I was definately hiding. From what or whom? My honest answer is everyone and mainly myself.

How is that you ask that I want to hide from myself? Let me share. As many of us when we have to start wearing glasses we get one pair and we carry on. Over the years of wearing glasses it got kind of boring with the same frames for everything. As I matured and started investigating things more, I realized that sure I could pay out of pocket for a second pair after exhausting my insurance benefits. Well, insert the melodius sounds of the heavens opening up. While no, this was not anything new or profound, it was a game changer for me.

Never one to rock the boat, or go against the grain when it came to things like fashion, or being to bold with colors (part of other issues) this gave me a few options. Then, hold on to your hat, I got contacts for the first time in my life at the tender age of 51. Insert a whole new world by Aladin. Most people get contacts to eliminate the need of glasses right…but no…not me. First thing on my mind was oh now I can get some fun frames…you know just for fashion, to accessorize to the fullest…or was it? Maybe at first it was because I had been in glasses so long I felt naked without them..yeah no.

I realized albeit some hundreds of dollars later, like recently that I was still hiding. I had become accustomed due to my failure to thrive in past relationships due to the need to dull my shine for him to glow (never again) that I was still in that mindset. Put your glasses on to see, but not to be seen. Does that make sense to you? It’s clear to me…like perfect vison. This is true, think about it, when you had a long crying night (ladies know what I’m talking about) and you still have to be a functioning member of socieity the next day, what better way to hide your eyes than…with your glasses on. Yes, it’s that line of thinking that had me hiding from what? or whom? Myself…sadly just from myself.

Why??? Why am I hiding? I allowed my, no I gave up, well, actually I put all of me into someone who didn’t do the same in return. I was so all about being his wife, while he was not that intrested in being my husband but, I couldn’t shine. The spotlight could only be on him, and so I hid. I became instead of an individual, I was “his wife”, with no identity of my own. That’s my fault, I gave myself away. I hid. Glasses, no smile, sadness and shrunken against the backdrop of the falsehood of what marriage was supposed to be.

So here I am again, time for a yearly eye exam, still can’t see so contacts we will try again, and 1 pair of glasses for the days the battle of the contacts goes to the contacts. I will no longer dim my shine for anyone else. I will no longer hid for the sake of someone else pretending to be great. Nope, no more extra glasses for me. Here I stand in my full glory, just me…seeing clearly, being free…

Just me!!!!

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