The invisible Albatross!!

Oh to be young again. I have so many other ways to ruin my life. So many things I would do so differently. One of those things would be to either not have married at all or certainly not have married the men that I did. That is just the truth of the matter. My truth and that is the only one that matters. Ha. I crack myself up.

In keeping with that theme I have become aware that part of the issues I have acquired due to the failure of the aforementioned marriages is that I deeply despise Tuesday. Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week for me. I don’t know what happened that first Tuesday that made all the other Tuesdays decide to keep up the trend but it sucks. Since the start of the pandemic of 2020, Tuesday working from home has become far worse than ever working in the office. Now, I did also suffer this same phenomenon when working in the office. I would sit at my desk and cry. Not even sure why. Nothing was wrong at work except for being at work, I mean hey, who wants to do that!!

I have to fight every week, I mean EVERY WEEK TO GET OUT OF THE BED ON TUESDAY. No, I don’t stay up later on Monday, no I don’t watch tv in bed, I can even go to bed early but on Tuesday morning…it’s a struggle. I mean a real fight. Who clocks in “late” working from home…probably plenty of people, however the struggle to walk maybe 6 steps from bed to desk may as well be the same as walking from Ohio from California.

There is a running joke between two girlfriends and I that Tuesday is now Troll Tuesday. I own and live under that bridge and some Tuesday’s I look like it. I have to shower and get dressed in order to feel like a human. What in the wholly guacamole is this about??? I don’t even have a clue…but I have to actively fight against it. In that fight I have noticed that I can shake the albatross off, at least until next week. The question is WHY??? WWHHHYYYYYY?????? Today, just this day, I think I might have figured it out. Oh shoot, how exciting is this!!!

While in the “lab” also known as the shower, is when I got yet another answer to the problems that plague me. Change your thoughts Drea. Well, that’s mind-blowing right? Let’s think about it though, no pun intended. Unless it’s something physical then it’s mental. Your thoughts can make mountains out of mole hills, or is that just me? I’m inclined to think it’s NOT just me. It’s simple yet, not so much. I mean just tell myself that today is gonna be a great day!!! We all know that it only takes a spill of your coffee or an annoying person on the phone to change that right? Well, yeah but we can’t or aren’t supposed to let the mere minor inconveniences in life ruin the whole day…however its like that sometimes.

What to do what to do???? Shake it off as Taylor Swift says. Well that doesn’t work for me so now what? Glad you asked. Unfortunately as many of us know we have to work a tad harder to change the attitude and trajectory of what happens after that. However, when you go to bed anticipating that the next day is going to be a disaster, how do you offset that. Think differently is still the answer. Project better upon the future. Plan to have a great day. Easier said than done but achievable. We can talk ourselves into or out of anything if we want to. How often is it easier to.just go with the negative talk than to fight against it and do the pep talk. to a better mood.

So today I have told myself listen Latrice, (usually it’s Linda but I have my own L name) we are going to make Tuesday our bitch!!! Lol. Tuesday is now henceforth and forever more known as Thug Tuesday. That means we hit the floor with a purpose, to be great, to not give in to the negative self talk, to swat away the minor inconveniences that rear their ugly head in a effort to thwart our plan to be great. No No, not today Zerg! We will get up, show up, dress up (or just dress) and be Betty Badass all day. That’s the new rule. No more albatross of Tuesday.

What’s your albatross? Needing more rest? Trying to lose weight? Better relationships with people? Need to make peace with someone? No matter your albatross, find the way that works for you to quiet the negativity that it brings with it. Tuesday WAS my albatross. I buried it today. What WAS yours.

2 thoughts on “The invisible Albatross!!

  1. This is some good stuff! I will sit down this week because you brought this to light and figure out what I need to “fight against”. I have quite a few albatrosses personally. If you can do it, I can do it! Thanks for sharing!


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