…and then it hit me.

I am perpetually late to the party. I am slow to hear or know music, or sayings or about new drinks…just slow sometimes but I’m okay with that. What’s not ok is when you are laying in bed and your think about the randomness in your life and you realize that you have three favorite colors. Random…but the epiphany.

So, I have a love hate, well more hate than love relationship with Tuesday. That’s another blog. Anyway, I was in the bed thinking about what I was gonna wear today, Tuesday. It’s really a great story about me and Tuesday (check out my podcast on Anchor; Discussions by Drea) and in my attempt to conquer this thing we got I have to get dressed on Tuesday. Not just shorts and a top but CLOTHES. For those of us working from home that is a foreign concept but it has to be on Tuesday. Yellow – never a color I thought I would embrace for myself but I had to laugh because I hadn’t realized that she had already embraced me and we had been friends for a long time.

Here’s what I came to realize. The color yellow is one of my most favorite colors and not because it looks good against my skin. Yellow is the color of the sun. I love the sun and the warmth it gives. I am a Leo and that is a sun sign, yellow embodies all things warm and cheery. While I haven’t always lived in this place of light and love now that I’m here, it makes sense that this where I was always supposed to be. Life experiences can change our color perspective. I had a dark phase, not just in my choice of favorite colors but the place I was in mentally. It was dark and ugly. Red was born out of this place. Now, red is also a color of power. Again being a Leo we are considered to have some power as the animal and strong personalities as people. Red is bold and daring, things I hoped to be, as I was not there …yet. Then there is gray. So versatile and subtle, bold and quiet. Grey ties the other two colors together for me.

Photo by Alexander Ant on Pexels.com

Why is this important? Glad you asked. I realized that my house exemplifies all of these colors and quite nicely I might add. The thing that struck me was that yellow is in my kitchen and my bedroom which are necessary rooms to have light and love. The kitchen well it’s where the food is…that’s happiness right there. My bedroom is where happiness should also be as when I slumber it should be well. The grey is called gentle rain…the yellow is field of daisies. What a great combo for a bedroom. The living and dining rooms are in shade of gray with red ceiling in the living room. It’s super cool. It is decorated in grays, with accents of yellow and red. I have my soft, my bold and my warmth, just like me. My colors are my personality traits.

The colors in our life are not by mistake or happenstance. They serve a purpose. Those colors we choose as our FAVORITE…have purpose and meaning. I am glad that I figured out what mine were and how they fit into my life. How my personality dictates which colors I am drawn to and how they make my life and my home who and what I am. Color – what’s yours?

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