Brutus – A Love Story…kinda

People let me tell you bout my best friend he’s a warm hearted person (not really) who’ll love me to the end. People let me tell you bout my best friend, He’s a cuddly toy my up my down my pride and joy (lyrics from The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. This song came to mind as I prepared to pen this post. I had to laugh cause well it’s funny to me.

This new love of my life, is named Brutus. He is the cutest little fella. He’s super soft and has these soulful brown eyes, I was smitten as soon as I saw him that Saturday in Ikea…Oh, wait, I didn’t mention the most important thing…he’s a stuffed golden doodle. Yes ladies and gentleman I am writing about a stuffed dog named Brutus.

If you follow this blog, I have told you about various parts of my life and so here is another layer. I have about 10 Build A Bears. All of them aren’t mine. A few are my grand bears left by their wayward mother (28) when she moved out. So I became responsible for them….as a good nana would. Then there are the other “children”, Teegan a doll, Jerome the giraffe, named after my best friend who passed years ago. There is Mari the Moose from Minnesota, then there is El E. Phant. El is the queen of the “children”. She is the one that demands order and rules the roost.

El became part of the family after a trip to Kohl’s some years back where she called to me from the tower she was on and suggested strongly that she come home with me. Ok…she was soft and cuddly and pretty demanding so home she came. El proved to be a most important member of the fur society that lives at my house. El was my crying partner during many times of sadness as my marriage went through various stages of unrest. When things became “stable” El was a fixture of the boudoir, yes, WE slept with her. Mostly me because she was now a safety net if you will. El is a world traveler as she has gone on some trips with us. Yes, I said what I said….the little stuffed elephant went with us. Judge your self.

As time has gone on, El has taken her place atop the bed where she can watch over me at night. The tears are not as frequent and therefore I don’t need her to comfort me through a bad night. NOW, enter Brutus on the scene. Brutus I realize has a different purpose and role to play. Brutus is here as my happy companion. He makes me smile so hard. He is here to share the good times. We have laughed a lot in the week he’s been here. He has a fancy collar and loves the thought of having some clothes (not yet acquired). Brutus is a name that means (to me) strength and toughness. That’s what we are (more so me but he thinks the same applies to him). Brutus likes to be near me in the kitchen when I’m in there he sits on the breadbox, he kept me company last Thursday when I worked from home. He’s funny (I can’t tell you what we talked about – its our business) but he’s a riot.

As I lay in bed last night, I looked at he and El and El gave me permission to let her go (only to the top of the bed – she knows too much she can’t leave the house). Brutus is my new happy place. I smile when I see he, and Brenda the Christmas tree (another story). Smiling is good for your heart, your soul and your face. So as I pen this piece I smile knowing that this chapter of my life while being by invitation only is also going to be tear free as much as possible. Not only that but it definitely be filled with more laughter and love because I deserve it all. If it starts with a stuffed dog named Brutus….then let it be. Woof Woof

7 thoughts on “Brutus – A Love Story…kinda

      1. I understand 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have something like a Brutus myself. A guy who has a crush on my daughter, sent her this GREAT BIG PINK teddy bear from Dubai, she can’t take it home because she’s in a “relationship”, so it’s my unofficial other grandchild whom I have little convos with! Lol lol

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