Don’t bring Saturday night into Sunday Morning.

Oooooo Wee. This was given to me via a conversation and honey, here I am pounding out another work based on yet just a few words. Let me tell you what I got.

In context this was referring to a topic given in church, but for me, it became so, so much more.

When you look at it this way, it will make sense.

Go with me if you will to a place that you’ve been where shit was just crazy. Relationally, it was all a mess. Nothing was good, there was nothing right, and you were ready to check out, (whatever that looks like for you), it was the lowest point in your life as you recall. You questioned everything and everybody cause hell, nothing was good, everyone had an ulterior motive and it looked like it was time to throw in the towel or it seemed…until, until that moment.

There is a shift in the atmosphere, the tides were changing and it was time, like the Phoenix to rise from the ashes of your former self. It’s time to move, not taking Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Just like the saying that you can’t put new wine into old wine skins, you can’t take past hurts, trauma and drama into a new space (home, work or relationship) because if you have done the proper work on healing those things that helped you be where you are now, as a result of wanting better, being better and pursuing the best that life has to offer you; not taking Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The moments, life is full of them, and knowing which of those matter and which of those don’t is instrumental in making all of this work together.

Chance encounters, not so much, all things are purposeful, whether you realize it, that moment is what starts the pendulum of the clock swing. Being open to newness, to things that are vastly different than the usual way things happen, happenstance is not a mistake nor is it an error in life…it was supposed to be that way. Music is a connecting force, and if you listen with your heart not just your ears you pick up on notes and lyrics you never heard before – it becomes the new melody of your life; not taking Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The dawning of a new day, not just in the rising of the sun from the night before but in your heart, the willingness and desire to try again, to shake off the bullshit and to move with a purpose to breathe again, with your whole self, to not take Saturday night into Sunday morning. Am I talking to you, maybe just a note to myself but I can promise you this, if you leave Saturday night where it is, Sunday morning will be the start of not just a new day but a new you, a new life, a newfound happiness. You will smile with your whole face, you will give your whole heart to the newness that is before you and before you know it, Saturday night will fade away, into the darkness never to return. Don’t take Saturday night into Sunday morning. What’s new will remain and if you are present for it your life will be forever renewed.

Enjoy the NOW, live in the moment and maybe, just maybe as you spread your new wings as the butterfly to soar high and rise above the once was, love will greet you, just where you are.

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