Can I be over the moon that I get to spend time with you, now and forever?

Can I be stupid excited that I get to touch you, and you get to touch me, and we repeat that motion…a lot, for a long time?

Can I be ecstatic that our lips will touch often, with a new reason each time; slowly, passionately, methodically and with purpose…of me tasting you and tasting me on you?

Can I be ready so soon to loose myself in your essence and to be swept away with the ecstasy that is sure to happen when you take me to that place, that place where time stands still, and the only thing that matters in that moment is that our bodies and our breaths have become one…?

Can two people in such a short time really make a connection without being in the physical presence of each other? Can the open, hard and honest conversations be enough to build a substantial and solid foundation for a relationship that has begun without so much as a kiss or a touch?

Can this be so easy and seamless that I am overthinking…per usual…Can this be just only what it is…nothing more, nothing less and that’s OKAY?

The answer to all of the questions posed here is Yes, I’m just waiting for it to happen…

To be touched and held by the five fingers of death and pleasure…and the five fingers of safety and comfort…

Then we rewrite the story….

***…to be continued…**

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