The 5 Fingers of Death and Pleasure; The 5 Fingers of Safety and Comfort

Explicit Content

He touched her…long before he met her, she was excited by his words. He fucked her mind and that was stupendous…she could only imagine how he would feel inside her moist waiting treasure trove of nougaty goodness…it was for him and him alone.

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She made his love muscle jump with excitement…he wanted to meet her…her voice turned him on. OH HOW HE LONGED for her, he wanted to bring her to her mountaintop, over and over and over again…that was just the first round. He wanted to find her sweet spot and make a mess that would be hard to deny that she was satisfied.

He didn’t want to fuck her, as he said that was empty like cotton candy…he wanted to make love to her. He wanted to feel her and fill her with all that he had, the five fingers of death…grabbing her ass, caressing her breasts, and exploring her love box with a gentle gliding over her clitoris while watching her face, feeding from her energy. He held her firmly and tight just the right amount of pressure to make sure she knew he was there and he was holding her, just as she wanted but more like what she needed…he was there for her.

She climbed on top of him, per his instruction…she wanted him, he wanted her…again. As she placed herself on his waiting, throbbing, erect member, he filled her box with his tool. She moaned and his face…he looked at her with the look of passion, pleasure and longing for her love. He was enamored as was she but his face told the story…that shit was amazing..she was amazing. The five fingers of pleasure grabbed her hips, and rested as she found her rhythm of the stroke, then he touched her softly along her body, he liked her body – he was a body man, he liked it all.

They made love, sweet, slow, passion filled and intense. His pleasure was in her satisfaction. He hit all the right places, he found the sweet spot undeniable on any level. He grabbed her ankles, with purpose and gave her all of him, with power and intensity…they came, like a melody to his favorite song…it was all so beautiful.

They made love like it was meant to be. Two souls that needed a lifeline…someone to which to share this part of this journey called life. They needed to be found, although neither of them were looking for the other. There was a small spark, as nothing comes by happenstance. The universe does what it does, when it’s at its most bleak, there is a stirring that moves and shifts everyone into their proper place, and boom…


…Part 2…to be continued

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