…the music…

…the acts…

…the mood…

Explicit Content – Adult Subject Matter

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

…they started the conversation via text…so was the thought…

she asked him to tell her how he would make her never forget him. He used a lot of music to incorporate the mood.

…you will be riding my dick and licking on my neck in slow motion with Good Morning Sunrise by Maysa playing softly in the background…with all 10 fingers on my chest for balance and you slow riding me feeling all of me inside of you and I dare you to stop feeling your juices dripping and slowly sliding down my disk while I lock your gaze as you alert me to your pending climax. Then I gently raise you off of my pulsing and wet cock as I lay you down and Send for Me by Maysa starts to play I slowly and methodically make my way to your clit and enjoy the nectar of your fruit in time with every note I paint the son on and in your love box and I stay there for a while as I feel you reach higher and higher to that ecstasy then I”ll turn you over and finish my meal from a slow and methodical 69 position feeling you stroke my dick while I paint your pussy very slow until you explode your love juices all over my face as Love Won’t Let me Wait by Maysa and Kim Waters sing to us.

Lady by the Whispers starts to play…next I’ll need you to bend over so I can see my dick slide in you, real slow. First just the tip, while I rub warm oil on your upper back with the rhythm of the music, slow fuck! In the Mood by The Whispers starts . We work our way to the wall, I place you against the wall face first, tell you to stick your ass out then I slide between your legs and lick you from your pussy to the top of your ass, and slide my dick in you holding your arms up pressed against the wall and slow grind. The Whispers say Yes. Now I have to lay you in a supine position and slide in you and just have a talk and sing to you. Damn I love this song. Chocolate Girl by the Whispers. Here is where I make love to your nipples while listening to this slow rhythm. Love is where you find it The Whispers. Here I rub my hands all across your body trying to master your flesh and feeling you up kissing all your imperfections and touching you to see if you are sill wet. No, Please no words, just listen to the rhythm. Now I may get emotional on you shit! Give it to Me, The Whispers. I just want to kiss you while I hug you right with the tip dancing in and out of you. Please don’t move. I love how you feel! This is all I ask for, I may need to repeat that. Try it Again The Whispers Watching you suck all your juices off me! Watching your every movement, now we dance in the middle of the floor naked…Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation The Dells…then I place your leg up on the stool and begin to lick your pussy all over again..you taste so damn good to me. Now, let me lay you on your side and hug you from the back and slowly slide in you, no no Don’t you dare try to run!! I need to slide all the way in and hold it there. While I give you a massage and kissing your back. Cry Together The O’Jays…This is where I tell you how special you have been in my life and without you on this journey life would have been a hell of a lot more complicated. Let Me Make Love to You, The O’Jay. Now the passion is at an all time high..all I need to know now is where you want me to release …

As she catches her breath, she awakes to realize that it was all a dream. What the hell? It was so real, like she could hear his voice with each command, she could feel his hands on her body, his breath on her skin..but it was not real, but it was the most real dream she ever had. Just then her phone rang…it was him, well that’s not odd at all she chuckled to herself, she shared her dream. He laughed a little, like he knew something she didn’t type laugh. Then she heard her doorbell…it was him, again, not at all odd in the least, (insert much sarcasm). He was coming to please her, just as she had dreamed because it was his job to do so and now that she was primed and ready…it was going to be a great afternoon. Sweet Afternoon Avery Sunshine.

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