We are not lost we just aren’t there yet! Oh but the journey!!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This topic, like a lot of my most recent content is courtesy of one Mr. G.M.O., those are his initials. He is my muse. He will get his own blog but I wanted to acknowledge him here.

Now, to the topic. This saying was born out of a conversation he had with his daughter upon noticing that they may be slightly off the course of their intended destination. He, in his infinite wisdom, or just not wanting to admit that the child was probably very correct simply stated, no we aren’t lost we just aren’t there yet. During several conversations that may have been said about whatever we were talking about, but it was this morning that it hit different. The Today Show was talking about lost luggage, I chuckled and said the above statement in jest and then bam! Creative cogs and wheels started churning so fast I could hardly keep up.

Being lost, that can be scary right? You have no idea where the hell you are going. You do know, where you PLAN TO BE, just getting there has seemed to be a bit challenging. In 2022, it’s hard to imagine how we traveled without GPS or Apple Maps and such as I personally can’t read a map and have zero to negative sense of direction for someplace new. To the flipside of that, just not being where you plan to be is also annoying….let’s look at that shall we. Here we have it AGAIN, you know what your plans were and what the vision of the trip looked like however you may have missed your turn or whatever myriad of reasons that you may be off the original course, but for certain; you are off the original course.

My thought in penning this blog was the fact that we all get or have been lost on our way somewhere before right? Maybe we weren’t lost at all, maybe we were supposed to be wandering around all willy nilly out of place. Well, you say, that makes no sense what so ever, why would I want to be wandering aimlessly around on purpose for any undetermined amount of time not having any idea on my bearings? To build trust…

Follow me here.

How is trust built? It’s built by kindly blindly following someone to parts unknown until you start to believe them, place confidence in them and depend on them. Right? You have no idea where they are leading you but you go…you aren’t lost but you aren’t there yet. See what I did there…

Relationships are much like this journey. When starting out, you kinda know where you might want to end up, and along the way you get turned around, not lost but just not there yet. In the perfect world, the road would be smooth, well in the perfect world this would not even be an issue because everything would be perfect. However, in this flawed universe by which we reside lets ride this out. I realized that I am on the “not there” part of my journey for a few reasons:

1. I have had a major series of set ups, set backs, detours, roundabouts and multiple care pile ups.

2. Refusal to address the red elephant in the room (elephant draped in a red flag; double whammy).

3. I wasn’t ready to be “there”.

My willingness to admit to that just this moment allowed me to redirect and turn this “car” around. Now the journey is purposeful and to boot it’s of unplanned destinations. So no matter where I wind up, I won’t be lost, I’ll be right where I am supposed to be for that part of the journey, “there”, wherever that is, and as long as the music is right and the company is great, I have arrived, right on time.

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