The Presence of YOU!!

An Ode to My Muse…He knows who he is.

Who knew on that fateful day that this is where we would be, and yet here we are. It’s funny how things turn out when you are least expecting them, not looking yet maybe hoping for something or someone to help you because secretly you are drowning on land and your help is sitting right in front of you and she doesn’t even know…


We had small talk and even with that, it didn’t click, I wasn’t tuned in but, I can tell you what color shoes you had on…my focus was not placed. The universe however said, you get one more chance and so it was. The very next day as fate would have it…Blue shirt, blue hat, khaki shorts, brown eyes, and that smile. I was looking at you this time, but still not looking. We shared a space, and even then no click, until that one moment…

I laugh at the memory because it’s so random and so you, now that I know that, but in that moment it was not even weird by WHYYYY???? No matter the reason, which clearly didn’t matter, it was the spark that was lit…KA BOOM!!! YOU!!

YOU! Your laugh is contagious and your personality large but quiet. You can be quite the crazy guy who pokes the bear…just because you can. The moments when you are quiet are when you are the loudest, as you always say but I’ll be alright. YOU!!!! Not even on purpose have pushed me back into my passion, which is this very thing. In our most random conversations something is almost always said that gets my creative hamster running on the wheel. YOU!!!!

I am undoubtedly better after I hear your voice. It’s not anything that you say really, it’s just talking to you. You calm me even when I’m calm, you inspire me to be better, go further and push the envelope. You are my practice in patience, my lesson in learning how to do things differently, my reason to smile. Your presence is what I need, and I believe the same is true for you. YOU!!!!

Happiness is definitely an inside job. I had that before I met YOU, but since meeting YOU, it’s flourished as I have someone to share that with, and you embrace it and push it higher and for that I thank YOU!!!!!

You, I believe, are sharing with me, the gooderer (inside joke) parts of YOU. Life is so uncertain and everchanging and every moment we get to spend with people that make us better and appreciate us we should maximize. The Presence of YOU…I wanna stay there a while…

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