Pillow Talk with God

The joys of blogging, until you hit save you can start over. This blog was moving in a total different direction, but per usual, playing in water gives me some sort of clarity superpower because the 6 paragraphs I had weren’t getting the job done.

My muse, once again, struck a creative nerve with this topic. I am certainly glad that snagging topics is not equivalent to plagiarism. GMO, you the man.

Pillow talk by definition is intimate conversation in bed. Incorporate that intimacy with talking to God…whew…chew on that for just a minute. That’s deep ain’t it? You better know it. Its weird for people to think of being intimate with God though, it shouldn’t be. He should be our most initiate of partners (if you believe in this sort of thing, I know this ain’t for everybody but read it anyway) and we should be able to tell Him EVERYTHING.

Yes, He is all knowing, sees all, hears all yes, yes I hear you but we still need to talk to Him. Why? Glad you asked. As in any good relationship you need communication. When I say things out loud sometimes I realize how goofy I sound, or how I could say it or do it better. Same with pillow talk with God. He wants you to TELL Him stuff, yes He know but He wants to commune with us. He wants to HEAR it from us and not just the big stuff. He wants to hear the little things, the things that make us crazy, and the things we love.

He wants us to share with Him those things that make us cry and why, what we are looking forward to and what we wish to get out of our system (people and situations). He wants to talk to us or more importantly listen to us talk to Him. This is also the time to ask Him to help us with the things we just can’t seem to get right. Relationships with people that do seem to be manifesting any positive return, asking for help in landing that job, or losing a few stubborn pounds. He wants the intimacy of you sharing all of your life with Him.

It may seem silly but let me tell you, it’s amazing. Not only do we get to talk to someone who won’t share our most intimate conversation but someone who can actually help us in those pickling situations. BONUS!!! Let that sink in…pillow talk with God. I dare you to try it. Thank me later.

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