…in other news

so it’s said that it is super important that we take care of ourselves.  In order to do that you have to be willing to admit that you might have an issue or two or multiple.  Having said that I have recently had to do some self reevaluation and do some self improvement.  Well I guess you can call it that,  thinking that that sounds like I got a boob job.  Nothing of the sort however I would like a tummy tuck if I could swing it.  Anyway, the hard reset was the first phase, a big chop something that I have always wanted to do.  Then I decided to rejoin weight watchers, yes I realized that I didn’t want to be fat and 50 so I decided to start now as it takes longer this go round to loose it than it did nine years ago.  So we start over to do what we did nine years ago,  loose some weight and feel better about myself. On top of the physical the mental is in line to get together as well.  I don’t know about you but having anxiety is real shit.  I learned through some therapy that I was dealing with depression and anxiety.  I was medicated for a while and thought once I changed jobs and my life seemed to not be in obvious shambles I decided to wean off.  It was okay for a while, then well life happens.  Car accident in April, marriage shake up in June, sick husband again and just plain ole sick and tired of the shit.  So I did the responsible thing and went to the doctor and revisited the anxiety meds again.  She agreed and I already can feel the difference.  People poo poo on seeking help and meds for matters of the mind but I tell you what, I’d rather be on the meds than not.  Nobody likes that Drea.

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