when the storm has settled

Since I started this blog, I have found myself at peace.  Peace is important when dealing with life as life in itself is full of other shit that can drive you batty.  Today is Monday October 23rd and I must say it’s been sweet.  No worries (at the moment of this writing).  My mind is quiet and all is well.  I know that in order to grow you gotta take the good with the bad, the ups with the downs, the wheat and the tare, the subliminal with the sublime.  It works together.  However, there are times where you want to remove one from the other for self perseverance sake.  The bad is too much, the down is lower than you ever thought you could be – but you can’t.  In the end it works out to realize why you had to take both – its call trial by fire.  It tests the fiber of your being.  It was another ah haaa moment for last night as I sat in the car and had a conversation with my husband.  We fought hard through all our mess to not just stay married but to be married.  That’s big shit for me.  I am a runner, shit gets hot, I get OUT!  This time was different…19 years that’s nothing to sneeze at.  The stories to tell are awesome because it covers the above mentioned opposites.  For that reason I can write this blog, stress free, mind calm, nerves good (anxiety meds also help) and breathing easy.

The storms of life don’t last always, sometimes one storm can last a long time but I believe it’s all in the way you hold your umbrella.  I know, you are asking what in the hell are you talking about.  Think about it…if you are one of those people that puts up an umbrella in the rain, when the wind is blowing the rain sideways then you have to know just how to position your umbrella so that you don’t get soaked and your umbrella doesn’t get turned inside out.  You hunker down put your shoulder against the wind and push your way through.  Marriage is like that…square up your shoulders and move forward.  Sometimes easier said than done but doable, if you want it bad enough you can weather the storm and enjoy the rainbow after the storm has settled.




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