…thou shalt not

It is the Lenten season, and what are you giving up? I’ve tried it all. Sweets, candy, cracking my knuckles, cussing (that never worked), and various other things. This year however, I wanted to not give up anything but incorporate some things. Like reading more, writing more, meditating or learning to woosah. What I did decide was to give up my family. I have decided not to fuss, that means I won’t be talking to them about the matters that cause me to lose my shit. There are things that burn my biscuits like dishes in the sink. Not just dishes but if I’ve been gone from home for a weekend and come home and there’s a sink full of dishes that I didn’t use and you expect me to wash them. Oh hell to the naw. That will get you cussed out very fast. The lack of other people knowing how to (pretending) clean up after themselves. The bathroom is is huge source of my irritation because I don’t stand to piss, yet I’m the one cleaning the piss off the toilet bowl. No fuckers. Not doing it. Well I will but I’m not going to cuss anybody out about it cause at this point it don’t even matter. I realize that if I am going to clean it I shouldn’t be cussing folks about it because it don’t really change it or make it any better cause they only fall in line for a few minutes then it’s back to their old habits.

So I figured it would just be easier to stop giving fucks to things not richly deserving of them (read the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck). Instead I will just see how things go. Thus far the sink is dish free and there are paper plates at the ready to be used. Mind you those are courtesy of the 25 year old who would rather not wash the dishes anyway although she did do the last full sink full. While doing said dishes she kindly let it be known that that was her last time.  Ok, use your paper plates suga. The man, well he just go with the flow. We will see how that turns out when his shoes go missing that he don’t put away or shit he can’t find cause he left it on the table too long and then I put it where I deemed it should be. Garbage, in his basket on the desk or hidden under the nightstand. Somewhere just to make a point. Put your shit away. I know I can’t be the only female or person for that matter that deals with this but I may be a little worse with the reaction because I don’t ask for a lot from these people. Clean your mess, wipe up spills or pee, clean the damn sink and tub. There are various cleaning products everywhere…use them please.

Thou shalt not get my energy. Thou shalt not have me committed for going off on you for the 999th time about putting your shit away. Thou shalt not steal my energy with things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Thou shalt not make me lose my shit or give fucks that are not warranted. THOU SHALT NOT!!!!

2 thoughts on “…thou shalt not

  1. Love it. I have The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck) in my cart at amazon now. I’m on board as well family can be draining and thou shall not be drained. So I’m getting some draino and unclogging the shit. Bye Bitches.. over y’all.

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