becoming…why did I wait!!!

I just read something that gives life to this blog.  It simply stated that “I ‘m  slowly becoming the person I should have been a long time ago”.  Well, duh!!  It resonated in my entire being.  Yes, here it is I’m almost 50 and I am just NOW where I should have been on so many levels.  Then I must admit that it may not have been time for me to have reached full butterfly potential just yet.   See, I’ve learned in this wonderful journey called life that sometimes, it’s just not time yet.


Not time for you to realize the full potential of the greatness you posses. It’s always been there.  Some of us are just late to the greatness party or we get there too early and mess it up.  I hope this makes sense to you.  It makes all the sense in the world to me but I dance by a different beat.  Here’s what I know today.  I am _______________.  That blank has countless options for me and I am filling them ALL in.  The current mood is Free, Strong and Determined.  There are situations in our lives that we move past but still linger in the deep recesses of our minds.  They can hold you hostage if you let them, even subconsciously .  I have broken free. I am no longer (well every day is a new start) living in that mindset of being bound by things I can not change and have no control over.  I am free from the thoughts of what if as there is nothing I can do until, if or when it manifest.


I have the strength of the warrior women of Wakanda (Black Panther), and the determination of an ant carrying up to 10 times it’s own body weight.  Yes, I may have dabbled in these things but now, I have BECOME.  As I move forward into the rest of what is to become my fabulous 50’s (I have started the celebrations way early) I know that I will evolve and grow to new heights and depths of my best self ever.  I have BECOME.

4 thoughts on “becoming…why did I wait!!!

  1. Morning sissy. All I want to day is . . . welcome to what I call embracing my me. Today I don’t believe there’s any such thing as being late for my own life. When I was younger I was using valuable resources (mainly my time) trying out stuff I thought would work. Turns out that stuff worked for some but not me. As humans the only real limitation God built into us was time. To my knowledge, we are the only creatures on the planet who can do what WE choose. The Father’s instructions are to keep us close to Him and help us live a good life. All the boxes and hostage situations we wind up in are self imposed. My 40s were used as my transition into empty nest-dom. My 50s were supposed to be about me. Turns out that I’m doing more for others now than I ever did – and, yes it helps to be unemployed and choosing how I want to spend those hours. But there again, it’s all about time – how we use the time we have. You wouldn’t be the person I love if your 30s had been spent any differently than they were. In my eyes you did have your shit together and I was trying to catch up. I guess persoective is everything. You ROCK!

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  2. Oh – I forgot to say I agree with all of that you said; just got a lil stuck on what I remember feeling not long ago. And yes, you get a second YOU ROCK!!

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