In all my naked glory

Have you ever looked I mean really looked at your self in a mirror? Like after you take a shower, you look in a full length mirror and see your full naked body? In any growth process it is always necessary to check how things are going. On this current quest of betterment of self I did a self assessment of my physical person today. I looked at the stretch marks that tell the story of the births of my two daughters. 30 and 25, a long time ago yet seems like yesterday. I know that with age comes definite certainties that effect our bodies. Lose in muscle tone, sagging of certain parts, things giggle or wiggle more than they used to. It’s all part of the process. Of course you can work out to hold those saggy parts together longer, or lift weights to keep things from giggling or wiggling right now. I will eventually do whatever it is that those parts are going to do and it’s all okay. Love the skin you are in. If your heart is healthy and you feel good about yourself, so be it. I can stand to loose about 7 more pounds which will be 20 since September. It’s taking forever (I don’t try real hard every day) and that’s my personal struggle.

Varicose veins, cellulite, marks from bruises from known and unknown sources. My body, my temple a few tattoos and whole lot of stories to tell. It’s okay because at the end of the day I am the best me, right now than I have ever been. Sexiness is a state of mind and my mind says hell yes I am all of that. I am sexy, I am beautiful, I am torn and full of life. I have allowed my self to be held by the standards of others for far too long. I am now free to be me and I am embracing my freedom from the things I allowed myself to be held hostage by. I have the strength of the Wakanda female army to overcome any battle or adversity that life has thrown at me. I am determined to live the next segment of my life unencumbered, unapologetic and unashamed. I will embrace the marks of past hurts, growth both physical and mental and the loss of weight both mental and physical in order to live the next segment of my life in all my naked glory. In the words of Meghan Trainor, I Love Me, I love me, I don’t know about you but baby I love me.

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