What can I say

This is written in honor of my Great Uncle John.

Life. full of unexpected twists and turns. This one though, hits a little different.

You have been a constant for so many of us. A cornerstone in the very depth of who we are today.

You taught us many lessons, whether on purpose or in passing; there was wisdom in your eyes and love in your heart.

There are many stories to be told of how you shaped many of us and those before us and probably those to come through this way.

If we took the time to look, not just with our eyes, but with our heart and soul you were the epitome of love. Your mate for all these years has been so blessed to have gone through life with you. We know how she felt about you and she never missed an opportunity to share her thoughts. She loves her some you.

With tears in our eyes but joy in our hearts, we say see you later Uncle John, for this is not goodbye. Its time for your eternal rest until we meet again.

To the family, may the comfort of the Holy spirit be with us all during this time of sadness.

Andrea L Ellis.

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